Red Rosa

“Freedom is, and can only be, the freedom to dissent, to think otherwise.”

“A world must be turned upside down, But each tear that flows, when it could have been spared is an accusation”

“So, I must always have something that totally devours me, though this is not very good for a person from whom – to her misfortune – people always expect something clever. Also, dearest, you do not want to hear about my “happiness in a corner” and will take me only in jest. But I need above all someone who believes me when I say that only by chance have I been caught up in the turbulence of world history when, in truth, I was born to be the custodian of geese.”

Rosa Luxemburg was the subject of last night’s episode of Die Deutschen II.

See also Riccardo Bellofiore, ‘Like a Candle Burning at Both Ends’.