DDR Witze

No, not those about the Trabi (which incidentally is now restoring its tarnished image – a car that you can repair yourself is maybe not such a bad idea after all). No, the political jokes. There’s probably somewhere that Zizek has told these already but I found them on Wikipedia. If you bracket-out momentarily the anticommunist use to which they were put, they are actually quite funny:

The teacher asks in school: “What is the most important thing in socialism?” The students consider and little Fritz (Fritzchen) answers: “The most important thing in socialism is the human!” The teacher: “That is a good answer, Fritzchen. I will give you a B-grade.” Fritzchen is dissatisfied and responds emphatically: “Would you maybe give me an A if I told you what the human’s name was?”

The teacher asks: “Fritzchen, what is the difference between capitalism and socialism?” Fritz replies: “Capitalism is the exploitation of man by man. Under socialism, it is the other way around.”