Kluge TV

Alexander Kluge has put some of the material from his Marx film (along with other resources) on a new website called dctp.tv. It’s a bit fiddly to navigate, but there are some good extracts, e.g. here, under the heading Kapitalismus ist keine Einbahnstrasse, a short film on the Great Crash of 1929.

Kluge is also interviewed (by Skype no less) in Freitag magazine, from which an extract:

Freitag: But not everyone is able to summon up this historical potential to the same extent. How can it be learned?

Kluge: You don’t learn it, you have it. Our genes are not our only inheritance, this is a misunderstanding. We also have the inheritance of the unexpected. People in emergency situations probably have more of it. People in abject poverty, as Marx said, have bags of it. They know ways out. They have abilities which have little to do with what we call culture, but which could be studied by Levi Strauss, who died this year. He was wonderful at describing how we are unintentionally intelligent. Every one of us has this dowry and it is the only thing we have that could save us from collapsing under the innovations of the 21st century. We did not emerge victorious from our various revolutions – not in 1789, not in 1917. We have a string of defeats behind us. When Rosa Luxemburg puts her head out of line, she is murdered, just like Gracchus in Rome. Anyone who sticks their neck out to fight tyranny or for emancipation is risking their lives.

And you can observe today that people who use the Internet are almost immune towards the glut of information, they read the first 40 words and ignore the remaining 1,800. This reductionism has its good and bad sides. This kind of user is hardly going to sit down in the evening and read Anna Karenina. But he’s also not going to drown in information. Man creates his own clarity.