Snow, Water

§ The snowbound of the global North wake to see long-forgotten Ananke. Being constrained by, slowed down by nature (even when now unnatural) seems an affront to neo-liberal busy-ness, to those societies which must always shine a light on, heat a room for, production, consumption, Verkehr. In the snowstorm, product of those same societies which “slight the course of the sun” (Tuan), Ananke all but blurs into another goddessNemesis.

§ Busy-ness as wrong life, Verkehr become verkehrt. In the global North the man puts on blue overalls, clears snow from his path, but it is really just performance: “I am doing manual work”. He will happily spend all day at it. The academy no doubt has an equivalent.

§ A long conversation with D., calibrated mercifully to the season and not to Verkehr. He is writing about Hegel – the Vermittlung of thought and reality, to be precise, and the richness of this term. He laments how some would force it out of shape, put it to bed, the Procrustean bed of ‘correlationism’.

I reply that the philosophical doxa has changed since Hegel’s time. It is no longer that some want to swim without getting into the water; instead some stand fixed on dry land, adamant that they will never be able to learn, the water being ‘unfathomable’.