Solidarity for University of Frankfurt Strikers

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Dear comrades, we need your support. Like in many other cities in Germany and Europe, students at the University of Frankfurt organized a strike for better education. Some lecturers and faculty members supported them. Together we organized more than 70 alternative workshops. On Wednesday, December 2, the president of the university called the police in order to terminate our strike programme. Now about 200 people are threatened by criminal prosecution. I would be happy if you could sign the attached statement of solidarity.

With best regards
Thomas Sablowski

Statement of faculty members and lecturers of the Goethe-University of Frankfurt regarding the president’s course of action against alternative workshops within the Bildungsstreik (strike and protest against the new educational  reforms) and the eviction of participants from the campus.

As faculty members and lecturers of the Goethe-University of Frankfurt, we disapprove of the president’s call for police in order to violently enforce the suspension of alternative workshops of students, faculty members and lecturers in the course of the strike for better education. The president’s argument regarding the need for eviction due to damaged property does not justify the forceful break up by the police of self-organized seminars. The eviction of the university is an unacceptable violation of freedom of research and teaching. Focussing on “vandalism” serves only to de-legitimate and criminalize protest and distracts from substantive debates: Bildung needs time and space. It was the goal of the occupants of the I.G. Farben building to organize this. The majority of the occupants did not participate in, support, or justify damages to property. Students, lecturers, and faculty members discussed and analysed such urgent matters as university reforms, conditions of teaching, studying and research in more than 70 workshops. Despite the president’s claims of taking the concerns of faculty and students seriously, he did not yet engage in these debates and activities. We deplore the aggressive attitude of the president and the disrespect of the concerns expressed by the participants of the Bildungsstreik. We call for the immediate dismissal of the criminal prosecution of students, lecturers and faculty members. We call on the president to immediately cease his attacks on the Bildungsstreik.
Frankfurt, December 3, 2009

Christoph Bauer
Dr. Kendra Briken
Dr. Oliver Bruechert
Dr. Sonja Buckel
Simone Claar
Prof. Dr. Alex Demirović
Prof. Dr. Andreas Eis
Juliane Hammermeister
Prof. Dr. Joachim Hirsch
Johanna Hoerning
Dr. Stefanie Huertgen
Dr. Dirk Martin
Susanne Martin
Prof. Dr. Frank Nonnenmacher
Dr. Nadja Rakowitz
Margit Rodrian-Pfennig
Dr. Martin Saar
Prof. Dr. Thomas Sablowski
Dr. Jens Wissel
Dr. Claudia Wucherpfennig
We call for support of this statement. Supporters should contact
Thomas Sablowski,