Sixth Extinction

The Depository has a copy of Elizabeth Kolbert’s New Yorker article from earlier this year, ‘The Sixth Extinction’, which apparently is going to be made into a book. On a related note, I liked this from a review of Christopher Booker’s MMGW-denying The Real Global Warming Disaster:

Suppose you are genuinely undecided on climate change and determined not to be guided simply by what you’d like to believe. If unpicking the real story demands so much effort and insider knowledge, how can you possibly make up your mind? Here’s an unscientific suggestion. Booker’s position would require that you accept something like the following: Most of the world’s climate scientists, for reasons unspecified, decided to create a myth about human-induced global warming and have managed to twist endless measurements and computer models to fit their case, without the rest of the scientific community noticing. George W Bush and certain oil companies have, however, seen through the deception.