Propelled Towards the Absolute

“Bloch refuses to respect the boundary between finite and infinite, between the phenomenal and the noumenal, between the limitations of reason and the unreality of faith. Behind every word stands his resolve to break through the solid barrier which ever since Kant common sense has inserted between consciousness and things in themselves. The very ratification of this barrier is assigned to the realm of ideology and is interpreted as the expression of bourgeois society’s acquiescence in the reified world it has fabricated, the world of commodities, the world for the bourgeois. This is the meeting point of the positions of Bloch and Benjamin. The sheer love of freedom makes Bloch tear down all the boundary posts and in the process he does away with the now ossified ‘ontological difference’, so beloved of German philosophy, between essence and mere existence. In the recuperation of motifs derived from German idealism, and ultimately from Aristotle, existence becomes force, potentiality, propelled towards the absolute.” (Adorno, ‘Ernst Bloch’s Traces‘)