Those Who Don’t Want to Talk About Capitalism

Given the energy expended in debating whether a Fascist Party should be debated or excluded from the limelight, it becomes apparent how easily ‘democrats’ can avoid questioning the idea closest to their heart. The Fascist becomes that which must be excised, that which cannot be countenanced, beyond the pale, leaving the good conscience that Fascism exists only in that pariah party and not across the political spectrum of liberal democracy. The process reinforces, even against the intentions of the anti-Fascist, the boundaries of a comfortable consensus which furthers Fascism by other means, even without ‘mainstream’ parties appealing cynically to the same ‘grievances’ supposedly registered in the Fascist Party’s support. When one hears so many good ‘democrats’ debating only the instrumental question – debate or exclusion – try to imagine a different scenario: expending the same energy in picketing the conference of a ‘mainstream’ party or blockading Parliament. Whilst imagining this, recall Horkheimer’s words, „Wer aber vom Kapitalismus nicht reden will, sollte auch vom Faschismus schweigen.“