Is it just me or has Lenin’s Tomb actually been worth reading for a change? He’s sounding less like a monomaniac and more like a Marxist. Treating race as class was a good example of using substance and mode in the way Marx intended (though I’d put it slightly differently – race is and is not class), and he  followed it up with cogent thoughts on incarceration. His latest ponders what may happen to the surplus value (believe it or not) floating around right now. True, it’s an old Leninist argument that this will be put to destructive use, as war, but it’s an old argument worth exploring again.

Meanwhile, the Guardian covers the first climate refugees (I think there have been some for a while, but never mind), and Die Zeit reports that not only is the North-West Passage ice-free but now the North-East Passage is also navigable.

Connecting the two, an article on climate change as class war.