Although politics doesn’t cease to be “the imaginary healing of the capitalist schism” when it’s the Left doing well instead of the Right, the results from the German elections are encouraging, Die Linke gaining most from the three Landtag votes to have so far taken place, quite dramatically boosting their share of the vote in Saarland. They now form the second largest party in the two former Eastern Länder to have voted. Apart from the expected 5% showing for the NPD in Saxony, the far Right are nowhere to be seen. Local elections are often a protest and so unrepresentative of the national vote, but these come a few weeks ahead of national elections and so may be a guide of what is to come. Die Linke, it should be noted (and here I don’t buy the “no one on the Left has a coherent alternative”) campaigned with the strong message of no more socialising of debt and privatising of profit. Something from which to learn.